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Bass Fishing At Night - An Effective Way To Fish

The classic image of bass fishing is lazing in a rowboat in the middle of a lake on a sunny afternoon. However, some smart bass enthusiasts have discovered that the best way to get great bass during the summertime months is by fishing in the dead of night. There are a lot of reasons why night fishing for bass is a great idea, so if you haven?t tried evening fishing yet, give it a shot and be prepared to reel in some winners. Summer is the most popular season for fishing, which has both positive and negative aspects for sportsmen. Because bait and equipment are in so much demand during the warmer months of the year, these goods are plentiful and easy to find as retailers stock up in order to get the best bait and tackle to their customers. However, as fishing fans flock to lakes and streams all over the country, all too often the peace and quiet of the sport becomes quite elusive as multiple sportsmen jockey for position on the same water. The summertime crowds can take away a lot of the fun of bass fishing. If you choose to fish at odd times of the night, it is likely that you will never run into the problem of overcrowding. Because only a small percentage of bass fishermen hit the water in the dark, you should have no trouble finding a pond or a lake offering plenty of solitude and a supply of fish that is all yours for the taking.

Another reason why bass fishing at night during the summer can prove to be a kind of fisherman?s jackpot has to do with the habits of the bass themselves. Bass prefer to stay cool, so they tend to head for the deepest waters that they can find during the intense heat of midday and afternoon. The deeper down in the pond the fish are lurking, the more difficult they are to catch and reel in. This can lead to fruitless afternoons of sitting in the sweltering heat and catching very little bass. However, during the cool nighttime hours, the bass come much more readily into shallow waters. This means that they are easier for sportsmen to find and to catch.

Although nighttime bass fishing can be much more rewarding than trying to snag these elusive creatures during the day, there are some disadvantages to night fishing. One problem that many sportsmen are surprised by during late night expeditions is insects. Be sure to pack some bug repellent to help you emerge from your night on the water without falling prey to mosquitoes and other warm weather pests. Another issue to consider is safety. Spending time in a boat when visibility is low because of the lack of light can be more dangerous than boating during the daytime, so make sure to take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your fishing companions.

About the Author:

Gray Rollims is a featured writer FishingTop. To learn more about bass fishing and for more Fishing Tips, visit us

Game Fishing

Fishing Game: Nature's Playground

If all men measured up to the standards of true sportsmanship, there would be no need for game, fish, and forestry laws. Neither would there be so much need for the laws that regulate human affairs in general.

But, in the fishing game, it is the true sportsman, with a love for the great outdoors, a wholesome respect for the welfare of others, and consideration for living and growing things, who sets the good examples for the youth to follow.

In reality, fishing games differ a lot from the other types of games that man has come to know. A fishing game is not a mere reflection of the activity itself but more of the love for fishing.

In fishing games, the angler does not go hunting or fishing only to gain the privilege of boasting over slaughter or material gain. He loves the lightning-like flash of the trout, the leap of the bass or muskie, the tug on the line, the whir of the reel, the thrill of battle with some "denizens" of the deep, and the companionship of other true sportsmen.

The Concept of Fishing Games

The most common type of fishing game is known as the "offshore game fishing." In this type of game fishing, the anglers aim for the big lean fishes like the marlins and the tunas and the fishing is done in the sea.

Offshore game fishing is usually conducted as one type of recreational activity. Though, there are instances wherein this type of fishing game is also employed in competitions like the sports fishing.

Because of the energy being utilized in this type of recreational activity, offshore game fishing usually requires the biggest fishing boats. These fishing boats generally range from 30 to 50 feet in length.

The object of the game is to reel the fish in once it is properly hooked on the line. This can be a daunting task since the fish, especially if it is a big one, will have the tendency to pull away from the boat. The challenge is to reel the fish in while keeping the fishing line maintained on its specified tension.

The fishing game is not more of a competition for a true angler. Whenever they are doing this kind of activity as part of the game, what the angler really wants is to get in touch with nature, to breathe the clean, pure air, and muse in solitude in the wilds of nature's playground.

Hence, in fishing games like offshore game fishing, the anglers like to play the game in strict accordance with the rules of reason and fairness at the same time conserve the value of fishes in the community.

About the Author

Jay is the web owner of fishing-in Fishing Lures, a website that provides information and resources about fishing, tackle, lures, and fishing trips. You can visit his website at: fishing-in/Alaska Alaska Fishing

Why Night Fishing?

I love night fishing. Most of the times it?s because I don?t get to go out and fish during the day because of my work, but now there?s more to it than just the convenience. I?ve observed that night fishing offers you the same conditions as daytime, but with generally better results. Sometimes I can swear the fishing conditions are even better during the night, since there are fewer anglers to compete with for a good fishing spot, and less noise as well.

I?ve also come to realize that when you find a good fishing spot during the day, coming back to it at night will net you even more fish. Although I can?t explain why, but the fish just seem to bite more at night. One little drawback though is that it?s harder to see your line, but since you?re getting a lot of fish, it?s worth the effort. For this reason, perhaps, I?ve seen a lot of daytime fishermen turn to night fishing. When I asked one why, he just said it makes him look good because he catches more fish that way!

If you want to try night fishing, I say full speed ahead! But make sure that the weather forecast for that night is good. It?s going to be difficult enough moving about and finding things in the dark; when you go out night fishing during bad weather, it just makes it worse and more dangerous. I know this sounds elementary, but you?d be surprised at the number of anglers who forget this very simple rule.

Here?s one tip to make your night fishing even better: Watch the moon! You might be thinking it sounds a bit crazy, but try it and see for yourself. You?ll be surprised at the things you might learn. One thing you?re most likely to notice is that most fish hide in the shadows during a full moon. I can?t tell you why because I don?t know myself, but that?s what I and my night fishing friends have observed, anyway. So now when you find some shadows on the water, you?ll know where to cast your line.

If there are no shadows and the moon isn?t shining down on the water, it will make your task of finding the fish a bit harder, but that doesn?t mean you?re out of luck and have to return another evening. The fish seems more likely to bite anytime it?s not a full moon or if it?s partially hidden by clouds. So now you?ll know how to determine which fishing spot will be more likely to get you better results. If the moon is shining full and bright, go for the shadows in the water. If it?s hidden or even nowhere to be seen, just go to your favorite fishing spot and expect lots of hits on the line.

I?ve heard a lot of anglers say that they only fish during a full moon, while others say that no moon is the best time for night fishing. What I?d recommend to you is to go out into the night and try both. You will get good results, whether it?s a full moon or night. All you have to remember is to adjust your fishing technique and change your fishing spots, depending on how much the moon is shining during the night.

About the Author:

Azlan Irda is the co-founder of bellfishing, which provides valuable fishing books and videos. Visit us anytime you want fishing books and videos.

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Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire
15-track UK CD on Reckless, 1990.

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When A Simple Fishing Hook Becomes Something Special

Everyone reading this article is aware of what a fishing hook is, right? Obviously, or you wouldn't be reading a fishing article. We all use fishing hooks to attempt to catch our quarry. When does a simple fishing hook become something special? When that simple fishing hook is transformed into a "gang hook", that's when.

So what the heck is a "gang hook" anyway? A "gang hook" is simply two hooks tied in tandem. Gang Hooks are primarily used in bait fishing. These hooks are the most natural way to present any worm that has ever been devised. With a little research, gang hooks are fairly easy to tie yourself, or you can go somewhere like JRWfishing and buy them. It doesn't really matter how you get them, all that matters is that you start to use them when you fish.

In most cases "gang hooks" are tied with much smaller hooks than you are probably accustomed to using. In the old days, anglers used to use a larger hook and try to 'thread ' a worm or worms onto said hook. This technique, of threading a worm or worms onto a hook, creates what has been called a "worm ball". A "worm ball" may be many things, but natural looking isn't one of them. Most of the gang hooks that I've seen are tied with either size 8 or 10 hooks, with 10 being the most popular. A worm baited on a set of size 10 gang hooks is as natural a presentation as you will ever see. The hooks are practically invisible.

And don't forget about using "gang hooks" for any dough bait that you might use (such as Powerbait and the like). In the case of dough baits these hooks enable the angler to present double the bait. You can have two chunks of bait floating off of a single line. Gang Hooks are very effective for dough bait fishing as well as live bait fishing.
This is precisely how a simple fish hook becomes something special??by making that simple fishing hook into a set of "gang hooks". Start using gang hooks and you will begin catching more fish, I guarantee it.

Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of JRWfishing and founder of yourmoneyconnection
Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience, and raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country....Montana.

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Bass Fishing the Reeds

When it comes to finding Bass I never, and I mean never pass up a good old reed bed. Reeds are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass magnets! A good quality reed bed has me bursting with excitement especially when they are in 3 to 6 feet of water.

There are a few simple key issues to bear in mind when fishing the reeds. The most valuable one I have learned is the importance of a cast with good distance. I know you're probably thinking a good many fish could be lost because of the distance casts, but have you thought of the hook ratio compared to not fishing this way at all? We have to keep in mind that reed beds do not have much between the fish and you as far as cover goes. It makes sense that the farther away we are, the less sensitive the Bass are. The more natural their surrounding is the more prone they are to pursue their prime target; the bait!

Another key issue is the trajectory of the cast itself. A thick reed bed will not allow flipping or pitching because of its height above the surface of the water, normally in its full summer growth. The trajectory I like to achieve is high and long. Basically I aim for the sky! You can use any method you like for getting it up there, but the result will be the same. The bait falling from the sky will get in between the reeds better than a bait thrown horizontal.

I have fished countless hours in reeds and watched other anglers perform the normal casting routine. I would wonder how long or how many Bass hook ups it would take before they would finally ask, "I don't get it! We are using the same bait!" When I would mention the distance and falling from the ?sky' cast they were quickly convinced because of the hook ratio and now I was on the net! By all means!

Sparse reed growth is a very different scenario altogether. The traditional ways of catching Bass still produced, but I found the distance ?sky' casts would accomplish far more hook sets. We may wonder why this is but if you think about it the less dense the weed growth, the fewer sound waves it will absorb, so dense matted weed growth will absorb more sound making the Bass less weary. Therefore, when bait is put in the ?less dense' reed bed environment from a distance the Bass strike because they have nothing to fear.

If at first you don't get a hit, ?dead stick it', leave it there for just a few minutes just in case the Bass is thinking about it! After you are convinced there is nothing there, work it back slowly, letting the bait slide across and around the reeds. Do not horse it back or you will get hung up no doubt! It can be frustrating at times so rigging weed less is a definite must. Finessing a bait Texas with the hook embedded is the way to go in reed fishing

Bass fishing in the reeds can be rewarding! With this type of, you might say, ?unorthodox' method of fishing you might not get every Bass into the well, but the hook ratio itself is proof they are in there! And when you do get one to the boat, it's a dandy!

Born In Guelph, Ontario, Nic, his wife Lawney and their son Lorenzo now call Kitchener, Ontario their home. Nic feels very lucky having a family that supports him in all his fishing endeavors.

Even though Nic has thirty years of fishing experience, he still feels that you can never stop learning. His love for Bass fishing has brought him to the Pro Bass Tournament trail. In his first year going professional, Nic has two top ten finishes and was a Classic Qualifier in the C.S.F.L Bassmania Pro Bass circuit, placing eighteenth over all.

But Bass fishing is not Nic?s only love. In the Spring his passion turns to downrigging for salmon, where he competes in Salmon Derbies. Already, he has a first place win under his belt. And if that?s not enough to keep him busy, you can find him chasing Walleye, Pike, and even Muskie. You name it, Nic will fish for it. has fulfilled a life long dream for Nic. Not only because of his active tournament angling and multi species fishing, but because he gets to share t

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Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout: New Techniques, Tactics, and Patters by Bob Linsenman and Kelly Galloup

First modern, all-encompassing manual on the art of streamer fishing teaches new techniques for catching trophy-sized trout on a fly. Covers: new info on feeding of large trout; advice on netting and releasing trout safely; complete tying recipes, and much more. Anglers seeking the thrill of landing a trout over 20 inches will need to understand the particular art of streamer fishing. 75 B&W photos 12 color pages 7x9 inches 172 pages

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R. L. Winston Vapor Two-Handed (Spey) Rod

Our Two-Handed (spey) rods are designed to meet the special requirements of steelhead and salmon anglers. Namely, covering lots of water, making precise mends and casting considerable distances. This year, working closely with our technical advisor Andre Scholz, who is one of the leading fly casters in the world, we’ve developed two additional BIIx rods, a 13’ 3”7/8-weight and a 15’ 10-weight. Made with second-generation boron/graphite composite, they offer extraordinary power, responsiveness and accuracy. Extremely lightweight, you’ll find these rods to be a pleasure to cast all day. Our new, less expensive Vapor models are superb quality, two-handed rods that feature anodized aluminum reel seats and a metallic olive green finish. An excellent, affordable way to begin spey casting or add to your collection. 6/7-WEIGHT This lightweight, fast-action rod is a great choice for skating dry flies to steelhead or when fishing for larger trout like sea-run browns. 8/9-WEIGHT An all-around rod that will handle larger water. Whether you’re going after salmon on the Restigouche or steelhead on the Thompson, this rod will be up to the task. --> Product Details Handle: 2-handed. Sections: 4 Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum Uplock. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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R. L. Winston Boron IIt Rod

Innovation meets tradition. Introducing the new Boron IIt series, which proves that the advanced boron technology can be utilized to create exceptional medium-action fly rods. With this series, we have moved our proven second generation boron in a whole new direction, with extraordinarily lightweight rods that combine the powerful, highly responsive characteristics of Boron II with the legendary smoothness and delicacy of our more traditional action rods. At Winston, we fully recognize that many people enjoy fishing for trout with medium-action rods. The new Boron IIt is a true breakthrough for such anglers. SIZE 3-WEIGHT These beautiful, extremely lightweight rods are the choice for making perfect dry fly presentations to selective trout. Think size 22 flies, 7x tippet, gin clear water and fish that will spook at your shadow. 4-WEIGHT Available in three lengths, these 4-weights are smooth casting, supple rods that will more than meet your needs for dry fly angling on a wide variety of waters. Whether you’re fishing a tiny Griffiths Gnat or dropping an emerger or cripple off the back end of a PMD, these rods can do it all. 5-WEIGHT All-around rods for dry flies, nymphs and smaller streamers. These more powerful 5-weights are a joy to cast and offer the incredible benefits of advanced boron technology to those who prefer a more traditional action. --> Product Details Handle: Cigar Sections: 4 Reel Seat: Choice of Black Anodized Aluminum Uplock with green Graphite spacer or Nickel Silver Uplock wth Burled Box Elder Insert. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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Anglers Accessories Clip-on 18 Inch Steel Retractor

The Anglers Accessories Clip-on Retractor comes with a 18" steel cable.

Price: 4.99

Dr. Slick Micro Tip Scissor SA35GMT

Dr. Slick Micro Tip Scissor

Price: 17.00

R. L. Winston Bamboo Pentagonal Rod

Fishing with a bamboo rod is one of the great experiences in angling. Bamboo is a proven natural material that lets us make rods with incredible touch and feel, as well as superb line and loop control. For over 75 years, the name Winston has been synonymous with fine, handcrafted bamboo fly rods. As evidenced by our introduction of the new, moderately priced Pentagonal series, our commitment to this material remains unwavering. Creating bamboo rods is a cumulative process. Years of testing, design refinements, study and knowledge that has been passed down from rod builder to rod builder go into every one. Winston bamboo rods are far more than things of beauty, they are extraordinary fishing instruments. PENTAGONAL RODS These trout rods feature crisp, smooth actions. The five-sided construction honors a niche tradition in the history of bamboo. These 2-piece rods come with a single tip. 3-WEIGHT 6 1/2�, 7� 4-WEIGHT 7�, 7� 3� 5-WEIGHT 7 1/2�, 7�9� Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included --> Product Details Reel Seat: Nickel Silver Uplock, Downlock or Slide Band with choice of Burled Maple, Zebrawood, Dark Walnut or Lacewood insert. Guides: Agate stripping guides and Titanium-plated guides. Grip: Choice of Cigar or Half Wells. Bag: Rods come with a thick cloth bag embroidered with our logo. Tube: Dark brown, anodized aluminum with brass-colored cap and collar. Hand Inscribed: All rods are hand-inscribed with the line size, length, weight and serial number.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

One of the most enjoyable fish to catch in the entire world is the Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass prefer clear cold water. These fish can be found in both lakes and running water. Pound for pound the smallmouth bass is widely considered the most enjoyable fish to catch. The smallmouth bass is a good natural indicator of healthy water. If you find Smallmouth Bass, you more than likely will find healthy water.

Because of their hearty nature smallmouth bass can be found in waters from Maine to Calofornia. The only places that you won't find smallmouth Bass aare area's where it's extremely hot for extended periods of time. They prefer cooler, cleaner water, which means they can be found all over the continent of Canada as well. As mentioned earler, these fish can be found in both lakes and running water.

One of the most enjoyable ways to catch these fish is in river situations. Combining their natural tenacity and fighting ability with moving current can be a lot of fun for anglers of all skill levels. Smallmouth Bass feed on a variety of prey and there are various ways to fish for them. Fishing for them in the same manner that one would for trout is a grewat way to spend an afternoon. Smallmouth Bass tend not to be quite as wary as trout and can be a bit easier to catch. They love live bait of all kinds, but some of the most popular would include: minnows, worms, helgramites, and leeches. Rigging any of these live baits with a set of gang hooks is a very effective method of fishing for Smallmouth Bass.

Any variety of lures can be employed to effectively fish for Smallmouth Bass. Some of these would include: spinners, spoons, minnow initations (such as rapala's), spinner baits, and top water lures. Catching Smallmouth Bass on topwater lures is incredibally enjoyable and quite effective as well.

The bottom line is that in lake situations, smallmouth bass can be fished for in much the same ways largemouth bass are fished for, with minor variuations. And in river situations, smallmoutyh bass can be fished for in much the same way as trrout. Such as bouncing a worm rigged on a set of gang hooks off the bottom, while it flows through the current. There are few experiences that can compare to catching a 4 or 5 pound Smallmouth on ultralight spinning gear in a flowing river. That might very well be the definition of a good time!

Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of JRWfishing

Trevor has more than 15 years of business experience and 25 years of fishing experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country - Montana.

Get Informative Fishing Information For FREE, Become A Better Angler! - jrwfishing/signup.html

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Fishing Directory For Fishing World Wide Water

The easiest information obtained about fishing can be found online in the largest fishing directory in the world. Fisherman from every continent depend on a common source for fishing guides, fishing reports, new gear, fishing history or just to log onto a fishing forum through their favorite fishing directory.

Fishing has surpassed all other hobbies as the number one outdoor event that captures our time and money. Fishing categories can usually be disseminated with the use of a fishing directory. There are four major methods of fishing and all have adamant endorsers who seldom cross over to the other three. Cane pole fishing, spinning, bait casting and fly-fishing are the four most used methods worldwide.

Fly-fishing is the newest trend and requires the most practice and talent. With a fly fishing rod, a fly fishing reel and fly line you can add your bait which is called a fly that has a very small hook for trout. There are flies that land on top of the water and don?t sink called dry flies. There are flies that are designed to travel underwater like a swimming insect that are called wet flies. There are larger lures for saltwater fishing and tournaments for the largest fish caught on a ?fly?. The use of a good fishing directory can yield fly fishing tips, fly tying techniques, gear and manufacturers.

Cane Pole fishing is the most primitive of the 4 methods using a single pole made of bamboo with a line tied to the end and a hook. In most cases this was our first experience of fishing, catching blue gills and bream. Cane poles are inexpensive and sometimes homemade using other materials at hand. Cane poles have also been improved to be a two-piece rod for easier storage and transporting. A red and white bobber added to the line increases the entertainment as we wait for the bobber to disappear and the line to race through the water. Antique bamboo poles have a subcategory in the best fishing directory.

Spinning reels with accompanying rods are as much a favorite to some as General Motors are to some automobile owners. A classy open face reel that has a bail that initializes the casting of the line and lure. Spinning reels are less likely to have a backlash that ends in line tangles. The spinning rod and reel can be used on saltwater and fresh water. The fishing industry has also developed micro-spinning reels and rods for small fish and more action for the fisherman. Most of the hundreds of manufactures of reels have separate categories in a fishing directory.

Casting reels are the foundation of mechanized fishing reels. The reels have been designed as small as a thread spool to the huge size of a small basketball to accommodate deep-sea fishing behemoths of 1000-pound fish. The disadvantage is a casting reel has a tendency to tangle the line. This cuts down on fishing time and amount of fish caught. Some professional fishermen have mastered the casting reel preferring it to the spinner. Websites featuring parts for casting reels and professional repair shops list their sites in the best online fishing directory.

About the Author:

Jim Zeller is the new "Euell Gibbons" for recommending a fishing kind of spot for a family get away. Fishing Directory or his favorite online fishing store

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E - On the Blue Frontier.(protecting the oceans)

Sun, 01 Jul 2001 07:00:00 GMT
July 1, 2001 -- Across America, Activists are Fighting to Save Our Living Oceans Just a few miles south of Crocodile Lake in the Florida Keys, the Marine Mammal...

WWII jet parts on display in SW Fla. museum

Sat, 06 Dec 2008 08:00:00 GMT
With a little imagination, a visitor to the Southwest Florida Museum of History can feel the ghosts of six American airmen hovering above the twisted right propeller of their B-26 Marauder.

Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - If you go to the Florida Keys

Sun, 09 Apr 2006 07:00:00 GMT
April 9, 2006 -- TOURISM INFORMATION: The Keys: or 800-352-5397. The Everglades: or 305-242-7700. GETTING THERE: Head south out...

cabo fishing
alaska silver salmon fishing


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Once I learnt more and more about alaska river fishing, I fostered a desire of writing on alaska river fishing. Now that my desire has been fulfilled, I hope your desire for its information too has been fulfilled.

A Featured alaska river fishing Article
Ice Fishing Basics

First and formost an ice fisherman needs the location of good lakes for ice fishing. Usually a lake that produces lots of fish in the summer fishin season will also produce numerous fish in the winter.

Many factors in a lake in winter affect fish life, changing their reactions, their feeding habits, and even their survival rate. For instance a heavy layer of snow over the ice will cut down on the amount of light that filters into the water, reducing weed growth and oxygen production. This will result in the fish becoming lethargic, interested in only conserving their energy to survive rather than wasting energy to feed and move around.

Lakes that are weed choked in the summer is usually is shallow and contains very few deep pools or spots that contain oygen rich pockets for fish to congregate, and may not be able to sustain a large fish population in the winter months. Lakes that produce great numbers of fish in summer are likely to congregate in these poolos and use up the oxygen and they will not all survive.

Fish die off in the winter does not mean that severe oxygen depletion has occured throughout the whole lake; certain areas will still produce good ice fishing results. Consider all factors when choosing a lake for ice fishing.


For new folks ice fishing the best spot to start is to go where the crowds or people are before you start to experiment. The ice fish crowd loves to socialise while fishing as it ads to the enjoyment. The willingness to share good fishing spots with others is and advntage to the newcomer to ice fishing. No one minds if a few more holes are cut and some more fish taken. Most other anglers will be more than willing to discuss their success and the bait or lures that have been most successful.

Most successful fishermen do not mind sharing their secrets and many oldtimers derive great satisfaction helping a newcomer to ice fishing the advantages of his years of experience. You will some exceptions to this but do not be afraid to ask and let someone know you are new to ice fishing.


Finding the location of fish is frustrating at times. Remember fish in the winter act different than in the summer months. The only requirement for a fish in winter is to eat enough to survive. They generally feed only part of the day to not waste a lot of their energy. The competition for food seems to be the key to fish feeding habits while ice fishing. Many ice fiashermen do not consider all the noise of cutting holes setting up huts will affect the fish. After you settle down to fishing and stop all noisey movement the fish will come back and be more active.


It is not all that expensive to get started ice fishing ( but you can get expensive if you wish). When you decide how much of your time will be spent ice fishing then go from there.

For the weekend ice fishing angler I would suggest a standard ice fishing rod, which can be purchased at any sorting goods store. The rod is seldom more than a fiberglass rod about two feet long with two line guides and a small take up reel. The line can be from 2 to 6 pound test monofilament. Bobbers are a handy thing for ice fishing so keep a couple in your pack. You will also need a variety of lures, hooks, sinkers, swivels and other basic fishing tackle. Also a chisel, ice spud or ice auger for your ice fishing holes. Hit your local bait store before you leave to pick any live bait needed for the species and lake you intend to fish.

Don't overdo it on your first ice fishing trip out onto the lake. Go out early in the morning and fish till noon, and call it a day. If the fish are biting you should have caught your share by then. If the fish don't bite worry not you will have learnt to use the new equipment. The next trip out you will be even more eqipped and ready for all the fish you will catch.


Dressing comfortably for ice fishing presents some problems that do not confront other outdoor winter activities. The chief concern is to stay warm at all times, but ice fishing by nature involves extremes of activity that will cause you to perspire if you are dressed to warmly, and then freeze when you sit too long. You may work up a swet just getting there and setting up to start fishing. Then sitting for a long time once fishing then you are cold. The secret is to dress warmly for travel and have more to put on for the periods of inactivity. A good snowmobile outfit covers all the needs of most ice fishermen. Remember layers under the parka, you can always take it off if you are too warm. Get out ther and enjoy, catch some fish and you will become and addict of fishing in all seasons.

Jack Phillips has been an avid Canadian angler for over 50 years. Fishing Canada provides solid advice for walleye, pike, muskie, a variety of trout, arctic char bass and more. Ideas on when and where to go on your next trip to Canada. Ice fishing tips. Delicious fish recipes also!

Coarse Fishing ? Get Started

Have you always wanted to try coarse fishing but didn?t know where to start? This handy guide will give you a push in the right direction.

Coarse fishing is advanced freshwater fishing, catching fish such as bream, roach, carp and tench. Coarse anglers can be found on canal and river banks and at public and private lakes with stocks of fish like these. Whilst a lot of the tackle and angling jargon can be quite daunting, it?s worth persevering and talking to seasoned anglers to find out what the attractions are and to get some useful hints and tips.

1. The tackle shop

The best place to start is your local tackle shop. The staff there will have a really useful knowledge of all the equipment that a new coarse fisher may need, and they?ll also be able to point you in the right direction of clubs or lakes that welcome beginners, or who may even hold beginners? sessions to help get you started.

2. The internet

The internet is a fantastic source of information, and you can find out pretty much everything you need to know about coarse fishing by spending a bit of time browsing websites. Whether you?re looking at a dedicated coarse fishing site, you?re reading information on lake, river or canal fishing, or following a blog that?s posted by a keen angler, you?ll be able to find the answer to pretty much any question you have. Use the web to gather information so that you?re well prepared when you go to the tackle shop or book a day at a coarse fishing lake.

3. Magazines

There are plenty of magazines dedicated to coarse fishing and they are a great place to find out what?s happening around the country. From tackle reviews to hints and tips for catching your dream fish, magazines are a great way of keeping in touch with the coarse fishing community.

Learn as much as you can about coarse fishing before you start, make sure you get the right equipment and ask for advice along the way, and you?re bound to be hooked in no time!

About the Author:

Dog Lane Fishery operates three coarse fishing lakes in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Visit our website now by clicking coarse fishing UK.

Quick And Easy Way To Your First Salmon Fishing Adventure

Your First Fishing Rod:

The most important piece of equipment is a fishing rod and the best place to purchase a rod is at a real pro shop or bait and tackle shop. Pro shops usually have a really good return policy. If you get a rod that is not comfortable for you, too stiff or too flexible, too long or too short, they will usually exchange it for a rod that will work better for you. They want your return business for things like bait and tackle.

The Place:

The best place to fish for salmon is in the river when they come up to spawn. The local pro shop should be happy to provide you with the best times for fishing salmon. Salmon spawn at different times and come up the rivers at different intervals throughout the season, so planning is important if you want to fish when the salmon are spawning.

The Boat:

Best to have a flat bottom river boat, but those are expensive. It may not be a good idea to take a regular "V" hull lake boat into the river because the depths can be too shallow and unpredictable.

The Guide?

Another exciting way to experience your first salmon trip is by hiring a guide. You'll learn more from the guide then on your own. It can be pricey, but it's worth it. Something to think about.

Shore Fishing

No boat? No worries. Fishing from shore is a wonderful way to experience this fantastic hobby as well.

The Bait:

Ask the at the pro shop what works best in your area or the area you are going to fish. They usually suggest salmon eggs. They are cured in many different ways and everyone has their favorite. The reason why you would want to use salmon eggs is because after salmon spawn, the parent fish stay around the nest to protect the eggs from predators like trout.

The currents will also carry the eggs away. When this happens the parent fish gently pick the eggs in their mouth and bring them back to the nest. So, when you dangle salmon eggs in the water after the salmon have spawned, they will see the eggs and assume that some have floated out of the nest. When they go to retrieve them, they get hooked!

The Catch:

Take along an ice chest filled with ice to keep your catch fresh. You may want to have a couple of five gallon buckets as well. One bucket for cleaning your catch. Another bucket to keep the ready-to-eat gutted and cleaned salmon in. If you clean it before you take it home, you avoid the smelly bloody mess in your kitchen. A third bucket could be used to save salmon eggs gutted from a female. You can save the egg sack and cure it later. You can learn more about how to cure the eggs, or roe, online or talk to someone in your local pro shop for suggestions.

The Filleting:

You can cut your fish in two ways, steaks or fillets. Salmon steaks are the easiest way to cut them up. Filleting takes a little more practice. You will probably destroy the first few you try to fillet. Don't worry, all those little mangled pieces can be smoked and turned into a salmon dip. Mmm good!

The Cooking:

There are many ways to cook salmon. Pan fry, BBQ, roasted or even smoked. If you do decide to smoke your salmon pieces, be sure not to dry them out too much.

Here's a simple recipe for salmon dip.

One cup smoked salmon

Two 8 oz packages of cream cheese

Half cup chopped onion

Salt, pepper, garlic, to taste

Now you have it; go out there and catch some salmon!

About the Author:

Sintilia Miecevole is the Administrator of fishingyarns and provides information or resources from fishing, fishing trips, gear and bait to rods, tackle and more. Be sure to visit fishingyarns for further information.

Recommended alaska river fishing Items
Copper Top

A proven pattern on Oregon's Deschutes River, the Copper Top Fly is an indispensable Northwest steelhead fly.

Price: 1.75

Ant, CDC, Black

Black CDC Ants are great searching terrestrials and also work well when blind cast where fish are likely to hold. This black ant fly also works well when presented to rising fish that refuse other offerings. A fish that begins feeding on ants will often key on them even when they aren't noticed drifting in the water. This high floating and visible pattern is among the best ant dry flies available.

Price: 1.25

Gift Certificate $10

Gift Certificates work as follows: 1. Purchase a certificate. 2. Once your payment has cleared, we will send you a printable gift card via email. You can either print this and give it to someone, or just forward it to them via email. For more information see our Gift Certificate FAQ .

Price: 10.00

Headlines on alaska river fishing
Outdoors hot line

Sat, 06 Dec 2008 08:00:00 GMT
WHERE: Guido's Pizza, 549 W. International Airport Rd. DETAILS: Free pizza for Bike Club members.

Hoffman's subsistence perspective on Game Board

Sun, 07 Dec 2008 09:02:12 GMT
Alaska's newest Board of Game member will also be its youngest, but Stanley "Stosh" Hoffman has lived enough years to see the boom-and-bust cycle of predator and prey around the Kuskokwim River village where he ...

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It took great skill and will power to complete this article on parrot fish. We also request you to use your skill and will power to understand this matter.

Today's parrot fish Article
Try Bass Fishing

I don?t know about you, but it seems to me that more and more people nowadays are starting to realize that there?s more to bass fishing than what they can see on TV shows during the weekends. And to me that?s definitely good news. At least now they?re being exposed to more of what is considered to be America?s #1 freshwater sport! Just tune in to any outdoors sports network on cable TV, and chances are you?ll see a few shows geared towards bass fishing. And for good reason. Even Wheaties got in on the act when they put a picture of a famous Bass Fishing pro on their box.

Want more proof? Go outside. Bass anglers can be found at every lake, river, pond and swamp that is accessible by boat. Watch the highways. You will see at least a dozen trailers pulling bass boats going by every day, more during peak seasons. Or you can go online. Typing in the keywords ?bass fishing? will net you different websites and blogs about bass fishing. Bass fishing clubs, charters and guides, bass fishing tournaments, bass boats, etc. The bass fishing industry has grown to an estimated $4.8 billion industry today, and still growing.

What is so great about bass fishing, anyway? For starters, bass fishing is open to everybody. It allows anyone with the dedication and discipline to learn about the sport to compete on an equal level, amateur or professional. With other sports, like basketball, football, baseball, and tennis, to name just a few, you?d have to be a gifted athlete and have excellent athletic abilities to succeed. I have spent years playing basketball, but still I haven?t managed to dunk a ball yet or shoot three-pointers consistently. Compare this with bass fishing. The more time you spend fishing and practicing and educating yourself about the important aspects of the sport, the more you will be able to compete at a pro level.

I?ve also noticed recently that bass fishing seems to develop closer relationships. Couples who enroll in bass fishing schools and spend lots of time together on the water, sharing the laughter and the excitement of catching bass, often comment that they should have done this years ago. It doesn?t make any difference at all with fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers, sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends; bass fishing is one outdoor sport that almost anybody at all can enjoy.

One thing I?ve noticed when I go out with my wife, though. It?s irritating to admit it, but she?s become a better bass angler than me! Some of my male friends ruefully admit it, too. As a matter of fact, more women than ever before are showing interest about bass fishing and are even enrolling in bass fishing schools. All this just to show their husbands, fathers, or boyfriends that they can do it too.

And you know what? Kids seem to love this sport more than we do. At least that?s what it appears to me, especially after years of observing the faces of children when their parents bring them on fishing trips or enroll in fishing schools. You?d also have to see the precious looks on their faces when they catch a bass. You?ll see what I mean, then. Popular bass fishing pros and teachers are even receiving fan mail from boys and girls, wanting to know more about the sport, where to go fishing, and who can teach them. Now that?s enthusiasm!

Have you ever seen that slogan, ?Get Kids Hooked on Fishing Instead of Drugs?? It really makes perfect sense to me. But after all, I?m a long-time bass fishing fanatic. So don?t just take my word for it. Go ahead and learn about bass fishing, then go out into the water. I?m sure you?ll have an epiphany.

About the Author:

Azlan Irda is the co-founder of bellfishing, which provides valuable fishing books and videos. Visit us anytime you want fishing books and videos.

Learn Fly Fishing Information, Tips and Instruction During a Fly Fishing Show

Most of the consumer fly fishing shows across the country combine fly fishing, guides, lodges and fishing boats in one big show so they can draw as many people as possible. In most cases, these special interests are usually separated into different areas of the show building or buildings. This is a big help if you?re just looking for fly fishing items.

There are two ways you can attend a consumer fly fishing show. First, you can buy your ticket, walk in the main door, and go around the show, looking here and there and then exit. The second, and the method I suggest, is to go to a fly fishing show with a goal in mind, and have a plan to accomplish that goal. So let?s get started!

Here are a few tips about how to get the most from a trade show that I have learned from being an exhibitor in fishing tackle shows for over 20 years.

When you first hear about a fly fishing show in your area that you may want to attend, go online, get the website of the show, and print out the list of show exhibitors plus the times and dates of featured speakers and programs you also may want to see. Review the listing, and highlight the manufactures and show booths, including the time and dates of the speakers, and programs you want to visit. Be sure to take this list with you when you attend the show.

Plan to attend the show early the first day or so to avoid big weekend crowds that will slow you down as you move around the show. If you only have one day to attend, expect to spend 6 to 8 hours on your feet working the show. Your shoes are important, so wear a pair that will give your feet good support on hard concrete floors. Wear a lightweight casual jacket because crowded show buildings tend to get very warm and muggy later in the day. Purchase show tickets in advance at a ticket outlet, or a show sponsor. This will save you time and money, not having to wait in long ticket lines, and not having to pay higher show day ticket prices. Plan in advance where you will need to park your car. You may be able to take a park-and-ride shuttle bus right to the front door of the show. I like shuttle buses, they save you time, drop you off and pick you up and keep you out of inclement weather. Be sure to take a small backpack or tote bag with some bottled water and a few trail mix bars or snacks, it beats the old steamed out soggy $6.00 hot dog and a $4.00 drink you usually get from the concessions at these shows. You can also use the backpack and or tote bag to put all the sales brochures you will collect during the show. Don?t forget your cell phone, reading glasses, note pad, mad money and a couple of pencils and pens.

When you first enter the show building lobby, pickup a show brochure and refer to the show booth number/location layout page. Take a few minutes to locate and circle the booths you want to visit, refer to your on line web site exhibitors listing page so you don?t miss anyone. Also circle the locations of the speaker rooms, theaters, restrooms and fire exits. This is your show map and guide for the day. A few minutes doing these simple things will save you precious time and help you to effectively navigate the show to accomplish your goals

If one of your priorities is to get information about a specific product, first go to the manufacture booths and talk with the factory sales representatives. These guys are factory trained, very knowledgeable and they know all the ins and outs of their product line. They have the latest insight and up to date information on the products you are looking for, and they can tell you where you can make your purchases. Be sure to take good notes, because you may see 10-20 different sales people during the day and it is easy to forget who said what about a specific product. After you have talked with the factory representatives go to the booths of the local fly shops in your area, talk with them, and get their thoughts on the products you are looking for. Support your local fly shops, as they are a valuable source of fly fishing information and products that relate to your area.

Remember, visit and work the show booths around the presentation times of the guest speakers and programs. The speakers and programs may only be on once or twice during the day, but the show booths will be there all day long. For example, attending a guest speaker presentation or program will give you the opportunity to sit down and rest for a while and at the same time, learn a lot of valuable fly fishing tips and fishing information.

You also need to set some time aside for having fun. Plan a couple of hours of just going up and down the aisles just looking for interesting booths and vendors. Just about all the fly fishing related booths and exhibitors will be located around or near the casting ponds. Don?t forget to make a note of the times when celebrity casters may be putting on fly-casting demonstrations; you can pick up a lot good fly casting tips and techniques.

If you happen to make a purchase of any item, guide deposit or lodge deposit during the show, make sure you get a vendors receipt for exactly what you purchased, including the days date. Some shows require you to have a receipt for merchandise you have in your position when you exit the show. Good luck and enjoy the show.

For a Calendar of Fly fishing shows in the U.S. please refer to my web site.

Stanley Stanton is an Oregon Fly Fishing Guide and McKenzie River guide,
Visit: oregon-fly-fishing-with-stan
For beginning fly fishing tips, and information about Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing, Steelhead Fly Fishing and Oregon Salmon Fishing.
The above author authorizes distribution of this article and that it be reprinted or Published in its entirety, including this resource box.

Recommended parrot fish Items
G. Loomis Xperience Series Fly Rods

Xperience Fly Rods are a new range of high performance/high value travel fly rods. Utilizing the same high modulus graphite found in the top of the line rods of other brands, the rod tapers have been crafted to cast effortlessly with a lightweight feel, yet with durability to become an heirloom. The lighter sizes, with medium fast taper and stiffness, provide the high line speed needed for accuracy and control. As the demands of casting greater distance with larger weighted flies arise, the #8 and heavier models are designed with fast/stiffer taper to meet whatever challenge swims within range. Finished in a rich mahogany brown color with a new anodized reel seat these rods are suitable for all fresh and saltwater conditions. Xperience Series Series Model Line Weight Power Taper Handle Price FR963-3Xperience Xperience 3 Med Med-Fast 188 $265 FR904-3Xperience Xperience 4 Med Med-Fast 188 $265 FR1084-4Xperience Xperience 4 Med-Stiff Fast 189 $285 FR1025-4Xperience Xperience 5 Med-Stiff Fast 189 $285 FR1085-4Xperience Xperience 5 Med-Stiff Fast 189 $285 FR1086-4Xperience Xperience 6 Med-Stiff Fast 189 $285 FR1088-4Xperience Xperience 8 Stiff Fast 190 $295 FR1089-4Xperience Xperience 9 Stiff Fast 190 $295 FR10810-4Xperience Xperience 10 Stiff Fast 191 $325 FR10812-4Xperience Xperience 12 Stiff Fast 191 $345

Price: 265.00

William Joseph Rain Suit

The William Joseph Rain Suit is perfect for full fly fishing coverage. Unexpected foul weather is the fastest way to ruin a day on the water. Nothing will take the fun out of your fly fishing trip like being cold and wet. But who wants to carry around a heavy and bulky rain suit just in case? That's where the new 12 ounce Rain Suit comes in. It's the perfect piece of fly fishing gear for prolonging that fishing trip of dreams. Full seam-taped for extra protection Waterproof Breathable LED light on the zipper (100 hr. life) Weighs a mere 12 ounces Free Shipping

Price: 119.00

Basic Fly Casting with Doug Swisher

Doug Swisher covers principles of casting & shows how to develop your casting abilities. Noninteractive. Teaches the basic casting techniques through numerous examples. Length : 62 min.

Price: 17.95

Headlines on parrot fish
Paradisio Revisited

Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:32:02 -0700
Tom already went to Paradisio with some friends last year, when I couldn’t join. Since then Tom promised to visit the park together with me again, and that’s what we did a few days ago. After his last visit Tom posted quite enthusiastically about how amazing everything was and I really have to agree with it! We had a lovely day with lots of beautiful, friendly, funky and sometimes also a bit scary animals. We saw a lot of birds and a wonderful bird show with sometimes for me quite frightening

A great morning fishing.

Sun, 27 Jul 2008 03:21:00 -0700
The weather has been outstanding finally. Dead calm in the mornings and a little breeze come noon time. This can only mean one thing, time to fish. As we head out on to the water the anticipation of a good day fishing is all we can think of. Things start out a bit slow, a few looks but nothing in the boat. As we drift over water so clear you feel as though you are floating on air. We can see myriads of small reef fishes and colorful coral. The first fish comes to the boat in a flurry of splash

AFP - Cameroon rescues 1,200 parrots from trafficking: group

Wed, 23 Jan 2008 08:00:00 GMT
January 23, 2008 -- NAIROBI (AFP) — Cameroon wildlife authorities have rescued at least 1,200 African Grey parrots being trafficked to Bahrain and Mexico for the...

Owners of Mezzanine and La Zebra Make Waves with New Tulum ... - (press release)

Sun, 23 Nov 2008 08:02:47 GMT

Owners of Mezzanine and La Zebra Make Waves with New Tulum ... (press release), NY - 52 minutes ago
Full of style and whimsy, all of Pez’s six special rooms have ocean views and carry names that reflect beloved sea creatures, including dolphin, parrotfish ...


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Producing such informative sentences on piranha fish was not an overnight achievement. Lots of hard work and sweat was also put in it.

A piranha fish Artilce for Your Viewing
Fishing Tips for Beginners

There are many kinds of fishing equipments in stores, numerous fishing methods in books, and fishing advices online. To make it all simple, here are the basic things you need to know for your first time fishing adventure.

1) How to fish with bait

* Tackle. To plunk the bait, you should purchase lead weights. The weight of the lead would vary depending on the current of the environment. Anglers commonly use and recommend bank sinkers with a number-two hook.

To avoid sinkers to slide, you would need a swivel to act as a stop. To protect the knot, you could use plastic beads between the swivel and weight. Using two appropriate swivels could allow you to rig the sliding sinkers.

* Bait. The commonly used bait for all kinds of fishes is worms. Another popular bait is chicken liver. Remember to buy fresh bait and keep them cold to avoid them from getting soft and allowing the bait to stay within your hooks.

Some of the commonly used baits are cut-baits which include skin from fried chicken, fish entrails, grasshoppers, salmon eggs, shrimps and crayfish tails.

2) How to fish - There are three basic methods for fishing.

* Plunking - It is the most common method used. Use a suitable amount of weight for you to be able to take hold of the bait in a position which is against any current. An option in plunking is to use minimal weight for the bait to move along with the water current.

* Back bouncing - It is done by lifting the bait out the bottom and raising the tip of the rod for one to two feet. Allowing the bait to walk with the current, you should free the back reel or spool. Repeat the steps when the lure settles down on the bottom. Back bouncing is effective in deeper water like fishing in a boat.

* Drift-fishing - It is a simple method wherein you cast upstream or downstream. This may vary depending on the current's amount. You should count the appropriate depth and start reeling.

3) How to fish from a boat - It is important to determine in which location you would perform your fishing. Deeper water needs heavier jigheads compared when fishing on shore.

* With heavy weight which keeps your bait near the bottom of the water and the line straight down from your boat, you are able to drift the boat along with any current. A good technique of fishing on boats is trolling slowly with a fishing device called bottom-walker.

Fishing is easy as long as you're enjoying the trip. Bring some of your family and friends along and make your first time fishing a memorable one.

About the Author

Find out more about fishing including sea fishing and fly fishing at About fishing

4 Important Things You Should Know about Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation

Nothing can be close to an Alaska salmon fishing vacation. With its breathtaking scenery, cool and pristine water bodies spread across thousands of miles in the state, the easy availability of popular salmon fishes such as the Chinook and the Coho, a salmon fishing vacation in Alaska is bound to give you a complete and satisfying fishing experience. If you are looking for perfect vacation spots in Alaska, you can visit cities like Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, or the fly in areas of its coastline which can be accessed only by sea or air. Overall, Alaska in undoubtedly a hot fishing vacation spot for any family.

While you are planning to go for an Alaska salmon fishing vacation, there are certain points you should keep in mind to ensure that the vacation trip is enjoyable for the whole family.

1. Look for activities which will keep your kids, spouse or yourself busy when you are not fishing: Ideally you should choose a fishing center which is close to large cities, so that while you are on a fishing trip, other members of the family who are not interested in fishing can enjoy sightseeing. Some of the best fishing vacation spots in Alaska are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Sitka. These cities have tours, nature walks and modern amenities such as museums, art galleries and shopping centers.

2. Look for the facilities offered by the fishing lodge/resort: So far as amenities are concerned, there are two different kinds of fishing lodges in Alaska. One that offers you a private, secluded cabin which is a perfect place for Alaska salmon fishing vacation. The other is large hotel-like resort which offers you meals, kitchens and even lounges. Some even allow guests to bring in cooked food, or even cook their own meals!

3. Read the cancellation and refund policies for the vacation you're going to undertake: Before you go on to book an Alaska salmon fishing vacation, it is always wise to check out the refund and cancellation policies offered for the vacation. Do they need you to offer advanced payments for guides or fishing equipment rentals? If you are traveling with children and you are allowed to apply for travel insurance for cancellation, it is your best bet to apply for one.

4. What type of fishing are you going to pursue?: If you have small children going to fish either from a boat or from the shore, or by using the fly fishing methods, you, as a parent, must discuss it with the fishing lodge concerned. Most fishing lodges offer facilities for children going for fishing trips, and once you notify them that you are arriving there with your children, they will be able to prepare themselves with the correct safety equipments and fishing supplies for the kids. Do note that most fishing lodges in Alaska impose a minimum age requirement for kids in order to be eligible to come out in a boat and go fishing. So be sure to talk with your fishing guides in advance.

Lastly, it is important that you do some basic research as to the weather conditions, temperature, rainfall and the typical varieties of natural conditions you are going to face while on an Alaska salmon fishing vacation. While any Alaskan fishing lodge will provide you with this information, you can also get this information from online sites which offer extensive information about weather conditions in specific regions during different parts of the year. Trust me, this information will help you a lot in planning and packaging your Alaska salmon fishing vacation.

If you need more information about Alaska salmon fishing vacation, we have a complete resource guide available for that purpose. Simply click the link below in my resource box in order to access the guide.

FREE Report: How To Plan and Budget The Fishing Trip of Your Dreams!
Join our FREE Newsletter and learn the tips, tricks and resources for planning and budgeting the fishing trip of your dreams!
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piranha fish Items For Viewing
Simms Guide Boot NEW 2008 Model

SIMMS GUIDE BOOT - REDESIGNED FOR 2008 NEW-wider toe box for extra comfort. NEW-molded midsole makes them light. NEW-reinforced toe and ankle counters and NEW-high quality materials chosen for durability and easy cleaning. The SIMMS GUIDE BOOT offers extreme durability, comfort and is one of the best looking boots available. Water-resistant Nubuck leather offers no-shrink durability Sturdy thermoplastic midsole assures lightweight footbed protection TekTuff™ provides superior ankle suppport and added toe and heel reinforcement Full neoprene lining High abrasion-resistant Schoeller® mesh panels offer CleanStream™ design for easier rinsing of invasive species Non-corrosive hardware Contoured speed lacing and durable nylon laces 7/16" durable high-density black felt soles are cemented and stitched to the midsole GUIDE BOOT STUDDED FELT 7/16" durable high-density black felt soles with carbide-tipped studs provide superior traction and adds longer sole life Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 • Simms products are backed by a Simms Warranty • Free Shipping "Simms. The choice of professional guides; and anyone else who lives to fish. " Wherever you find fish, you're going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you're going to find Simms . Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. Simms on their Footwear " Dependable, well-made wading footwear is a necessity for anglers. What you need on your feet is something that’s comfortable to wear, can take a lot of abuse, provides plenty of protection and offers superior traction and stability. We have designed our wading boots, sneakers and sandals to meet the demands of professional guides and anglers around the globe. " Why do professional guides choose Simms? Because we take pride in what we make, and products have been designed to go the distance. Our in-house design team has a combined 50 years of experience in making durable technical outerwear. We work closely with top material suppliers from around the globe, and continually test both our new and old products in the lab and out in the field to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. What does this mean for someone who's not a professional guide? Anything that's designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. From the Simms Team " Nothing pleases us more than to see our products, like those on the guides featured in out catalog and on our website, go the distance. "

Price: 159.95

Humpy, Trude, Yellow

With the Yellow Humpy Trude we've added a calf tail over wing which no doubt increases it's buoyancy, though more importantly gives the fisherman the advantage of quickly locating his fly even in the roughest of waters. As an attractor this pattern stands out as a very effective offering whether you're working a grassy bank, or choppy riffle.

Price: 1.25

Dr. Slick 3" Titanium Bobbin TBOB3

Dr. Slick 3” Titanium Bobbin

Price: 15.00

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Under what category would you grade this article on lake erie fishing charter? informative? Productive? Inspiring? Give a thought to this!

Recommended lake erie fishing charter Items
Pheasant Tail Nymph, Bead Head

This American version of the classic British Bead Head Pheasant Tail mayfly nymph continues to catch fish wherever slender mayflies are found. The peacock thorax on this nymph also gives it a bit of irridescent flash that makes it an effective attractor fly and a great searching pattern. This fly has caught more fish than perhaps any other nymph in the history of fly fishing.

Price: 1.25

Hopper, Dropper, Foam, Hi Vis

Ask any fly fisherman about his favorite hopper pattern and you’ll likely get as many answers. Fishing Terrestrials brings its own unique excitement and a fly like the Hi Vis Foam Hopper Dropper is a sure bet on any Terrestrial water. The foam body and hair wing ride the fly well in any current and the Hi Vis adaptation makes it an easy pattern to locate in any water condition. Stutter twitch a Hi Vis Foam Hopper Dropper along a grassy bank or drop a small nymph off the bend and use it as an indicator. Either way this is a good Terrestrial addition to your box.

Price: 1.25

Midge, Xelon, Olive

This Olive Xelon Midge is among the best adult midge patterns available for selective trout. Fish seem to take it willingly in the early to middle stages of a hatch or when the hatch is somewhat sparse.

Price: 1.25

News about lake erie fishing charter
Go Fish

Fri, 05 Sep 2008 17:08:21 GMT
August is a month dominated by bluefish in Long Island Sound. The beginning of September brings with it cooler night temperatures and the return of hungry striped bass looking to beef up before the winter ...

DU celebrates Ohio partnership; rabbit and pheasant seasons open around Ohio

Thu, 06 Nov 2008 23:55:29 GMT
It's a new ball game for Ducks Unlimited and waterfowl conservation, said President W. Bruce Lewis of Natchez, Miss., attending at the 7th annual DU/ODOW partnership hunt in northwest Ohio.

Lake Erie Football Season

Thu, 05 Jun 2008 08:33:14 -0700
Lake Erie Football Season June 5th, 2008 Fall normally means the beginning of football season. To the Lake Erie bass angler it means jumbo-size, `football’ shaped smallmouth bass. August to late October/November is when Lake Erie’s fat-n-sassy bronzebacks begin to put on the feed bag and begin to stock up for winter. Now is the time to catch one of the lake’s best game fish and certainly regarded by many as Erie’s best battlers. With the unexpected introduction of the Zebra Muscle in the la


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Giving a word of appreciation or gratitude to this piece of writing on lake erie fishing charters would be enough encouragement to us to continue producing such informative articles on lake erie fishing charters.

The Best lake erie fishing charters Articles on Wine
Fishing For Catfish

There are a few basic methods that are effective in catching catfish. Bear in mind that specific methods are applicable to specific kinds of waters. That is because techniques and baiting mixtures are formulated for specific targets.

The following methods are simple, yet proven successful when used:

1) Rigging method - Depending on the bait used, loop the bait holder or the treble hook from a line to a preferred distance to the end. Bait movement is not suggested; therefore, a weight must be used to allow the rig to be still. A good distance shall be about 18" to 24."

Same as the first method, using the Slipweight to make the bait stable is also effective. The weight does not matter as long as it can slide in the line. The fish will not feel any weight and it will be late until they realize that the bait is fake.

Multibait technique allows multiple catches at once. Simply place three-way swivel along the line. As it draws more strikes it makes a great choice for catching more catfish at the same time.

2) Bait - Experts opt for chicken livers or medium sized shrimp from groceries. The shrimp's tail and skin must be removed and body should be big enough to slide up in a number 6 hook. This is simpler than the chicken which necessitates the use of pantyhose. A diameter of a quarter is wrapped in a piece of pantyhose leaving a tag end then attach it through the treble hook. Blood worms, minnows, catfish paste, night crawlers, snails, living or dead small fish, and dough baits are also good choices of baits. Remember that the best baits are always those that nature produced.

3) Chumming - Fishermen catch more catfish with this method. This is simply throwing balls of mixtures of natural recipes in the fishing area. This attracts more catfish; the trick is that the mixture should be right enough for the catfish to feed heavily. The hook that will be used to fish normally must have the same recipe for the bait. Adding a good smelling flavor into the pasty mixture attracts catfish more.

4) Tackling - Although the technique involved in this method is by far effective, it's still the bait that attracts and brings the catfish in. As simple as it is, the tackle should be about 6 feet long with a spinning real. Choose heavier lines to allow more battle between the fisherman and the catfish. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. The experience you get from a cheaper tackle is no different from an expensive one.

Make sure the grip is secure hooks are removed by pliers after catching the fish. Avoid being stuck with the fins as some are poisonous. Just simply sliding the hand up to its belly from tail, placing the fingers behind one side and thumb behind the other can remove the catfish from the hook without any harm. Happy catfishing and good luck!

About the Author

Tony Newton has created a free catfishing tips guide that will help you improve your fishing. Download it now. secretfishingtips/freeguide.html

Put Away That Fishing Pole And Haul Out The Net

Are you still using a fishing pole to build your

Whenever someone talks about building a downline, we
automatically think in terms of Network Marketing. The
fact is, the same principles apply to two tier affiliate

The first rule to succeed with two tier programs or mlm
is to build wide fast.


If less than 5% of new marketers ever succeed, that
means 95% or more of those you sign up will join and not
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If you're sitting on the bank using a fishing pole,
you're on the slow boat to China. You'll end up
frustrated and more than likely throw in the towel
before you've even given yourself a chance.

You must haul out the net and start thinking like the
heavy hitters. Cast your net and gather as many new
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You're like the old miners panning for gold. You'll
sift through a lot of silt before you start hitting
those rare nuggets that are inspired enough to do
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Once you find them, work with them as if your future
depended on it.

It does!

A good affiliate or first level downline member is
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You future profits depend on them. Teach them how to
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If you truly want to succeed with affiliate programs
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Gone Fishing,
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A Marketers Minefield - Why The Fraudsters Are Targeting You.Emily Robinson

They want your talent, your network and most of all, they want
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It is because you are so good at what you do that you have been
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There are a multitude of ways they will drag you in, all
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put together the inconguencies for yourself. Keep an open mind.

And most of all be prepared for their answers. They have
answers, for everything. They'll tell you that you are too
suspicious, 'do you know how lucky you are to be a part of this?
It's only open to a select few'. If you start to bang the drum too loudly, they'll kick you out of their set-up...You're too much

Being alert and listening to your instincts, those nagging doubts,
can save you immeasurable heartache down the road.
The reality is that these people will create a whirlwind, gather
the money and disappear. They leave you to face the FBI,
the civil suits, the angry investors who have lost their entire
savings. You even got your parents to invest their 401k, and
they lost it all... and you, well not only do you suffer the financial
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Be alert, check them out and follow up... then confront them with
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lake erie fishing charters Items For Viewing

Christmas Island Special, Pink

Proven on Christmas Island bones and similar to the popular bonefish pattern the Gotcha, this fly is effective in flats situations all over when an irridescent pattern is desired.

Price: 2.00

Force Fin Original

Force Fins with our side-supported for stability and toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles. Force Fins are our most versatile fin and kick equally well for a variety of watersports, subject to changes in size if you choose to wear Force Fins barefoot for one sport, with a Comfort Instep or bootie for other sports. Features: Force Fin's feature a toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles, for a most efficient kick. Easy to pack. Small, effective blade is the perfect size for turbulent free and fast movement of water. Easy to maneuver. Independently moving wing tips that let you fine tune your position with small foot and leg movements. Reduces chance of your kicking delicate marine life. Snappy, upcurved, split-V shaped blade channels water fast and with optimum directional control. • Force Fin products are backed by a Force Fin Warranty • Free Shipping --> Facts Fin Blade: Polyurethane, stiffness 87/ rebound 78 Fin Colors: Jet Black Fin Bouyancy: Negative 10% They sink. Fin Sizes: Medium Large, Large, Extra Large, 2-X Large Fin Straps: Parachute webbing with ladder-lock buckle and Comfort Tubing Heel Protector Fin Strap Upgrade Option : Elastic Bungie Heel strap with Comfort Heel Pad and easy grip knob Fin Accessory Option: Comfort Instep for Perfect Fit and Ultimate comfort Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year Limited

Price: 144.99

lake erie fishing charters in the news
Connell: A glorious river beats a glorified ditch - Port Huron Times Herald

Sun, 16 Nov 2008 11:41:47 GMT

Connell: A glorious river beats a glorified ditch
Port Huron Times Herald, MI - 1 hour ago
During the War of 1812, oak timbers and spars from the Black River were shipped to Lake Erie where they were used in building Commodore Oliver Hazard ...

Livonia angler wins tournament

Thu, 04 Sep 2008 10:36:53 GMT
Boater Mark Dowd of Livonia won the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League Michigan Division tournament on the Detroit River Saturday with a five-bass catch weighing 25 pounds.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Writing all this on aquarium fish can be considered an obligation to us. This is because we felt obligated on imparting all this knowledge we knew about aquarium fish.

A Featured aquarium fish Article
WoW Fishing Guide

In World of Warcraft Fishing is a secondary gathering profession that you can have in addition to your two primary professions. Fishing enables you to sharpen your character?s hunting skills and gives you the ability to fish out aquatic life and other things from the various waters of the World of Warcraft realm. Some of the items can be consumed raw while others can be cooked to enhance their effects. Hunters can use these foods to feed their pets. It is also possible to find reagents useful for alchemy as well as treasure chests by simply fishing.

In order to begin fishing your character will need to be at least level five and you will need to find a fishing trainer. There is a corresponding beginner fish-pond for each of the races complete with a fishing trainer conveniently located next to the water where you will be fishing. There are other trainers located in various other places but the following spots are where you must begin fishing. Humans begin fishing around Goldshire. Beginner Taurens fish the lake north of Bloodhoof Village. Dwarves and Gnomes start out by fishing North of Brownall Village in Western Dun Morogh. The Orcs? and Trolls? beginner fishing spot is the sea that is south of Sen?jin Village. Undead start their fishing at the lake that is east of Brill. Night Elves have three different beginner fish ponds to choose from: the waters surrounding and within Darnassus, the lake that is located south of Dolenaar, and the sea close to the boat dock in Rut?Theran Village.

If you are an experienced WoW player whose character is not just starting out and you have just decided to begin your fishing career, then you can fish wherever you like. You can even fish the beginner zones of the opposing faction if annoying others is your thing. You may also want to evolve your fishing ability along with your character by spacing the 20 hours out across many different levels. One strategy that has been suggested is max out your fishing at 150 for level 10 so that you can be a powerful fighter using only your fishing pole for a weapon.

Fishing is an extremely easy profession to learn. You only need the patience to fish for 48 hours time to master this skill. You may be wondering what the point in mastering this profession could possibly be. Once you have your skill level above 400 you can fish the waters of Azshara for the Essence of Water. You can earn 5-8g each for this item. If you have the patience, mastering fishing can lead to huge payoffs in the long run.

Miles Tyler is an avid gamer and World of Warcraft enthusiast. He enjoys WoW and also loves helping others to ehance their WoW gaming experience.
Visit this site to find out about more World of Warcraft strategies and resources.

Fly Fishing for Salmon

The world of the fly fisherman is a varied one. Salmon, trout, grayling and char inhabit the most beautiful waters of the world. Rivers and lakes that reflect forest trees, snowy topped mountains, and sometimes blue skies. The fish that live in crystal clear waters demand the very highest of angling skills. You will not hook that king of fish unless your presentation is virtually perfect. Even when not fishing, the angler can be tying flies for the next season, sitting by the winter?s fireside, lost in dreams of the next season?s catch.

Salmon ? The fish that have hunted in the sea, some for just one winter, some for as long as five years, return to the rivers where they were born. Some salmon, including the sockeye, die after spawning. These fish make their ascent to the spawning grounds once only. Others, including the Atlantic salmon, do not necessarily die at the spawning grounds but may live to migrate three or four times in their lives.

For many years mankind has marveled at how, after journeying far across the ocean, a salmon can return to the river in which it was hatched. Does this remarkable power of orientation have something to do with magnetic fields, the sense of smell, an instinct, or something else as yet a mystery?

In the Yukon River of Alaska and Canada, king salmon that were tagged and tracked travelled 3,200km (2,000 miles) in 60 days. A leap performed by Altlantic Salmon at Orrin Falls, Scotland, measured 4m (12ft).

From entering the rivers, salmon cease to feed and live on the fat built up when feasting in the ocean. Others benefit from this stored energy - bears, eagles, mink, otters, martens, wolves, and many more hunters await the salmon?s arrival with all the enthusiasm of human anglers.

One of the many wonderful things about salmon is the different number of ways in which you can catch them, despite the fact that they are supposed not to eat anything once they have left the sea!

However to many an angler there is little to beat the excitement of seeing a salmon turning in the water as it takes a fly fished in the surface layers and the quick tightening of lightweight line is an electrifying sensation.

So let us agree that salmon fishing with the fly represents the art in its purest form, even if we never lose sight of the other strategies for catching this magnificent fish.

For more on fly fishing, equipment and strategies visit Fly Fishing

aquarium fish Items For Viewing
The Fly Tyer’s Benchside reference to Techniques and Dressing styles by Leeson and Schollmeyer

Features over 3,000 color photo and over 400,000 words describing and showing, step-by-step, hundreds of fly-tying techniques! Leeson and Schollmeyer have collaborated to produce this masterful volume which will be the standard fly-tying reference book for the entire trout-fishing world. Through enormous effort on their part they bring to all who love flies and fly fishing a wonderful compendium of fly-tying knowledge. 3,000+ Color photos, indexed dust jacket 8.5x11 inches 464 pages

Price: 100.00

Fly Fishers Guide to Idaho (2nd ed) by Ken Retallic and Rocky Barker

100 new pages with many more waters, complete description of each species of trout, salmon, and bass in Idaho, and some great fly fishing techniques. Detailed maps show access points, mileage and camp sites for each water. Also covered are special seasons and regulations, available species and their descriptions, river miles, river character, water flows, hatches, patterns, fishing tips and techniques, accommodations, restaurants, fly shops, outfitters, private waters, and more. 53 maps 100 photos 6x9 inches 480 pages

Price: 28.95

Smith Volution

A stylish sunglass packed with technical features. The Smith Volution incorporates Titanium rimless frames, spring hinges, Polarized Polycarbonate lenses and megol nose pads making this sunglass a great sport inspired style. Prized for polarized precision and praised for lightweight, rimless frames. The Sol-X Series merges luxurious designs with the finest lens technologies. Photochromic (PC) lenses are available in some select lens colors. The PC lens changes tints according to how dark or bright it is outside, allowing you to see better as light conditions change. Smith Optics use Techlite Lens ; Glass is #1 for optical clarity & scratch resistance. Give it a specialty TLT grind to reduce the weight and you've got yourself the world's lightest Techlite glass lens. Chemically treated to increase shatter resistance. ANSI Z80.3 surpassing impact resistance and prismatic power. 100% UVA/B/C. Perfect for low impact hyperactivities and loitering with intent. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the percentage of available light allowed to reach the eye. Different lens tints offer specific VLT to enhance vision in different light conditions. Product Details Fit: Medium / Large Frame: Titanium Hinge: Spring </tr Nose Pads: Hydrophilic Megol Lens: TLT 8 Base Carbonic Lens Coating: Anti-Reflective and Hydrophobic Interchangeable Lenses: No Polarized: Yes Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Shipping: Free! Smith Volution Lens Options &bull; VLT 12% &bull; medium to bright conditions Copper Mirror An exceptional comfortable lens that is soothing on the eyes. The lens provides medium contrast with increased definition. A subtle Silver Flash Mirror enhances lens esthetics. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. &bull; VLT 12% &bull; medium to bright conditions Brown Mirror A warm lens with a very pleasant color transmission that will provide moderate contrast and increased definition. A subtle Silver Flash Mirror enhances lens esthetics. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. &bull; VLT 12% &bull; medium to bright conditions Gray Mirror A true color transmission lens which preserves natural hues and color relationships. A subtle Silver Flash Mirror enhances lens esthetics. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. TLT Lenses: What are they? When you curve a lens it can bend the light passing through it and distort what you see. Tappered Lens Technology (TLT) contours the thickness of the lens so that light travels through without distortion. What you see is what you get? With TLT Without TLT UV Protection Linked to eye diseases, cataracts, and temporary conditions such as "snowblindness," Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA/B/C) is magnified by snow-covered surfaces. All Smith lens tints protect your eyes from 100% of these harmful forms of solar radiation.

Price: 179.00

Current aquarium fish News
Blue LED Globe Aquarium!

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 14:50:57 -0700
Well, if you fish has been living with you for a long time, you should treat him/her to a brand new Blue LED Globe Aquarium where he/she can rave all night long. Simple and safe, our Globe Aquarium w/ LED Light is the perfect addition to any room in your house. Made with superior glass and aluminum alloy base with modern design, this aquarium will help provide a healthy environment for your fish. The aquarium holds 1/2 gallon of water. Comes with 0.8W LED Light. via wrapables 8w, aluminum a

New California Academy of Sciences puts the world under one roof - Contra Costa Times

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 21:54:18 GMT

New California Academy of Sciences puts the world under one roof
Contra Costa Times, CA - 6 hours ago
The biggest such attraction in Northern California since the Monterey Bay Aquarium opened in 1984, the $488 million facility features a domed indoor rain ...

Blue LED Globe Aquarium!

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 14:50:57 -0700
Well, if you fish has been living with you for a long time, you should treat him/her to a brand new Blue LED Globe Aquarium where he/she can rave all night long. Simple and safe, our Globe Aquarium w/ LED Light is the perfect addition to any room in your house. Made with superior glass and aluminum alloy base with modern design, this aquarium will help provide a healthy environment for your fish. The aquarium holds 1/2 gallon of water. Comes with 0.8W LED Light. via wrapables 8w, aluminum a

Genetically-engineered animals could lead to 'Frankenfoods' -

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 22:02:39 GMT

E Canada Now

Genetically-engineered animals could lead to 'Frankenfoods', United Kingdom - Sep 18, 2008
The agency will continue to exempt genetically-altered animals that pose little risk, such as aquarium fish that were recently changed so they would glow in ...
Genetically Engineered Animals May Get US Rules (Update2) Bloomberg
FDA pushes for "frankenmeat" Tampa Bay's 10
google news commentComment by Gregory Jaffe Director of Biotechnology Project/CSPI - Chicago Tribune
all 638 news articles

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